Making daffodils out of card and egg boxes







As a member of Celf Aran Arts I was asked by Tyr the potter to make a few daffodils for the St David’s day shop window display. Fay said take step by step photos and write instructions on your blog! Off I went to look after my youngest Grandson with card, paint, scissors etc. I thought Bailey would like to help and photos of a happy seven year old making daffs would be nice on the blog, but being a modern child he preferred to play on his play station and watch telly, he was a bit ill, in all fairness and he told me they do enough of that sort of thing at school. Good, glad to hear it! I respected his right not to have his photo taken (as he ran off every time I pointed the camera at him).

I had found a couple of websites with templates and I printed them out although I only used them for the petals. The stems are just cardboard rolled up and glued with lots of PVA and a bit of sellotape for insurance.

So with a bit of help from Mum, Lesley Abplanalp Holland, artiste extraordinaire, I set about the task of cutting out and painting all the petals. Later that day I tore up some egg boxes to make the trumpets, painted them various shades of orange and yellow and glued them to the petal shapes. Somewhere along the line I forgot to take photos, or maybe I lost the will to blog and, as for step by step instructions well, it’s a case of just do it and see what works. Lots of good PVA glue and you can’t go wrong.

As the daffodil making has gone into day 2 it’s a good job the weather is atrocious and I’ve got a rotten cold so don’t want to go out. A perfect day for painting and gluing. Also a good job I never grew up and still love primary school activities. So here are my 15 Daffodils, not sure why I made quite so many. I hope the other 16 members haven’t made 15 each or Tyr will have 240 daffodils to arrange in the window!

Behind me in the picture are two of my favourite paintings by my Mum.

Watch this space for pictures of the window display.....